Our Services

1.Representation: Contacting Health Ibnsina Channel partner’s hospitals based upon the disease or transplant.

2.Documentation: To obtain the necessary letter’/s from the Hospital to facilitate in obtaining the visa.

3.Accommodation: To arrange a hotel according to the
patient budget (Patient plus attendant).

4.Transportation: Receiving from and dropping back to the Airport.

5.Touring: Arrange a tour of historical places in Hyderabad and the whole city, if desired.

Medical Service Facilitator

www.healthibnsina.com is a Health care facilitator company headed by a senior management professional (Sheikh Abdul Majeed) aka SAM, with over 4 decades of experience, working with different industry segments across the Gulf nations. His experience working with the Medical transcription industry for half a decade and interacting with several hundred medical professionals in North America and India has been the prime mover to create www.healthibnsina.com.

He noticed that many patients needed guidance on which doctor /hospital to choose and how they can benefit from affordable modern day medicare in neighboring countries.

Fortunately, Hyderabad has become the Hub for many International patients coming from different parts of the world, and about half a million foreign patients were  treated last year in different Indian cities, and Hyderabad was the top destination because of culture, food and people.  All those who visited Hyderabad have enjoyed the city and her people.


How Health Ibnsina Works

How it Works

www.healthibnsina.com has ties with a selection of best-reputed hospitals and medical professionals in Hyderabad to direct prospective patients from the Gulf and Hyderabad, followed by parts of the African and erstwhile Russian region.  Depending on the healthcare needs of the patients.

Patients inquiry will come to Health Ibnsina with their doctor’s latest medical reports and after subsequent checks,  passed on to a few hospitals for the quotations. Based on two or three hospitals quotations a prospective patient will select/choose the hospital.

1.The patient or his/her relatives should talk to the respective hospital Administration and the doctor who will do the treatment or operation.

2.Confirmed returned Airline bookings to be mailed at connect@www.healthibnsina.com

3.In-patient can choose the type of room facility he/she wants to be based on their budget, all hospitals have General Ward, where a bed is covered by the curtains and no bed for attendant.

4.Sharing a room with four or two patients.

5.Independent room where all other facilities will be there i.e. T.V., Wardrobe, extra bed for the
attendant and a fridge The executive suite is also available.

6.Payment of approximate quotation: Currency to be Indian rupees.

7.Half Advance payment and balance at the time of patient admission totaling to full quotation amount, the bank name and account details of the hospital will be  provided once the patients confirmed to make payment.

8.Final bill Payment: could have a variance compared to the quotation, as the quotation is an indication
as to how approximately to pay However, before discharging full balance payment if any to be settled, to get discharged.

9.Pick up from the Airport and from the hospital or hotel to back Airport arrangements will be made by the hospital.

10.Any papers required for the medical treatment Visa to Indian Embassy will be provided by the hospital to facilitate in obtaining the visa for the patients as well as for his relative accompany him/her/.

11.Hotel booking can be arranged near the hospital according to the affordable budget of the patient.

12.Health Ibnsina staff will accompany the patients until all the formalities are completed with the hospitals.

13.City tour arrangement can be made, can cover from morning till evening say 10 hours. But if Ramoji city to be visited the whole day is required

Health Ibnsina does not charge you for any of the services mentioned above and all payments are made directly to the concerned facilities.

Our objective is to provide you with necessary guidance to get affordable best healthcare.