Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Younger women are at greater risk

Globally, the incidence of heart failure is rising at an alarming pace, especially with the younger population. The world spends in excess of US $100 million to provide medical care for patients showing heart failure symptoms, congestive heart failure, enlarged heart, and other associated ailments.

Recent studies have further shown that younger women are more susceptible to heart failure, compared to younger men. Even among the older population, in the US alone, congestive heart failure and similar coronary ailments constitute a major cause of death. Traditionally, men were supposed to be more susceptible to heart diseases than women. However, studies show that there is an alarming trend reversal today. Sadly, heart failure symptoms in women are distinct, at least in a majority of instances, and there are chances that these symptoms may potentially be missed by the physician and it could be too late before he realizes that there has been a grave error in diagnosing.

Most women go that extra mile for the sake of their family, and when it comes to their own health, procrastination is widespread, and this could be one reason why there are more fatalities in younger women today.  Heart attack symptoms manifest in women and men differently and most women have lower chances of surviving even a first heart attack. Experience has further shown that most women suffer ‘silent heart attacks’, unlike most men. The risk factors are also escalated in women due to the female biology.

Some of the heart failure symptoms that women can pay attention to include:-

Chest pain, squeezing, pressure, aching, tightness, unusual or extreme fatigue, fainting, lightheadedness, dizziness and more.

Women, in particular, should also know that many of these symptoms may also play a kind of hide and seek. So, the symptoms manifest and by the time you consider visiting a medical practitioner, the symptom/s are gone. But, perhaps, another two weeks or so down under, the same symptoms come back.

Women should take sleep disturbances seriously to prevent heart attacks

A 2003 study also reports that many women suffered sleep disturbances weeks preceding a heart attack. Sleep disturbances can be experienced in many ways like having difficulty falling asleep, keeping unusually awake throughout the night, feeling tired even after sleeping well for 7or 8 hours etc. Another important factor is certain symptoms that are similar to issues with the digestive system. For instance, vomiting, indigestion or nausea may be brushed aside as an inconsequential symptom, or simply resort to some OTC drugs for digestive issues.

Post-menopause heart attacks

In the days post-menopause, a woman’s estrogen level starts falling and this enhances the risk of a heart attack. Discomfort or pain in the back, neck, arms, stomach or jaw should be taken seriously by women experiencing these in the post menopause days. Severe pain in the chest, irregular or rapid heartbeat and sweating with no associated activity are other symptoms to watch out for.

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