Heart bypass basic facts you should know

Heart bypass basic facts you should know

Heart bypass is one of the procedures adopted by cardiologists to help your heart function normally, when one or more arteries are blocked due to various reasons.

When the heart beats once, it represents one contraction of heart muscles which in turn pump blood to the blood vessels. A normal human heart beats about 100 times every minute.  Electrical signals originating from the Atria controls the contraction of the heart muscles. The Atria is also known as the upper chambers and the lower chambers are called ventricles.  When these electrical signals stop or are delayed, it impacts the normal functioning of the heart and is called a block.

Coronary heart bypass

Heart bypass or coronary bypass is the medical procedure through which cardiac surgeons correct the anomaly to help the heart function normally. In most instances, the common symptom that warns you of clogged artery/arteries is chest pain. Profuse sweating, nausea, and palpitation of the heart are among the other symptoms.  Unfortunately, some people including your physician, at times tend to take these symptoms as a gastric disorder and this could potentially become a lethal error.

Important to see a cardiac specialist

Whenever you have one or more of the symptoms stated above, it is important to immediately seek the advice of a cardiac specialist. Depending on individual circumstances, the specialists will advice a series of tests including an echo cardiogram or treadmill test.  These are measures necessary to judge your heart health and prescribe necessary course of corrective action.

Coronary heart bypass technology

Thankfully, medical technology has made significant strides over the last few decades and with timely action, it is now possible to prevent life threatening problems with your heart.  In the U.S.A. alone, some 215,000 patients receive coronary heart bypass surgery every year.  Many patients also consider Asian destinations for heart operation.  India, and Hyderabad in particular, has become a sought after destination for advanced medical treatment including cardiac care.  Across the nation, you can access a number of hospitals and doctors specializing in cardiac care.  Relative to the cost of cardiac procedures in the Gulf region and other Western nations, you will also find the Indian doctors/hospitals significantly more affordable.

How HealthIbnsina can help you

Until a few decades ago, cardiac health was a concern largely with people in the age group of 50 years and above. But, the last few decades have seen an increasing incidence of sudden heart failures even in the younger age group. This shift in age profile is largely attributed to changing lifestyles, sedentary occupations, and stress. At HealthIbnsina, we are networked with a wide array of health professionals and hospitals, including specialist cardiac hospitals and cardiac surgeons.  We are therefore in a position to connect you with world class facilities and professionals, after receiving your details.